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About Us

About Us

An Evolving Vision
Herald Of Hope Community Corporation is the brain-child of ordinary people whose love for humanity translates into action on behalf of the disappointed, the down-trodden and those deprived of the dignity that we are all entitled to.

The mission of Herald Of Hope Community Corporation (HOHCC) is to provide transformational, holistic services within our communities by addressing existing social, educational, spiritual, cultural and physical needs.

We assist in providing food through our food pantry. We aim to assist in educating and training through our after-school tutoring program and our mentoring program; we aim to assist in culture through the arts.

With persons from various disciplines and profession who are waiting eagerly to be partners in hope, Herald Of Hope Community Corporation asks that you become a champion of hope. Help us to offer as much to as many instead of as little to as few.

We are partnering with many other existing organizations and persons who are already making a difference in these areas.

We see the needs that exist in these areas as opportunities to demonstrate the most admired maxim: Love your neighbor as yourself. We cannot promise the realization of dreams but we do offer hope. It has been said, “If every man would mend a man, then all mankind were mended”.

A Place Of Hope For People Who Hope

Millions of people are faced with uncertainties of various sorts: a nuclear holocaust? Another Hiroshima? Another Great Depression? Another civil war? Another terrorist attack? Another economic down turn? A genocide? Forced deportations for millions? We may never know.

Will the United States of America continue to be a place of hope for persons from all over the world? Due to the differing ideas and ideals in political parties, one cannot expect our political machineries to be the instruments of hope for humanity. It is during these uncertainties; a vision has been birthed. It is a vision to be a source of hope to those who are in despair due to the social, educational, economical, physical and spiritual deficiencies.

Many persons have been caught in the vicious cycle of our world’s most demoralizing and dehumanizing condition…poverty. This continues despite the promises from many well-intentioned agencies and persons that they will take the necessary actions to alleviate the menace. One would wish that we can say that every human being on the face of the earth this very moment has hope due to advances in science and technology. It is through science and technology that the world is just a push of a button away from total annihilation. We applaud the scientists and others in the health field who are laboring incessantly to discover cures for chronic and contagious diseases. Even though, simultaneously, there are those who are researching and developing weapons of mass destruction.

Hope is not the offer of a utopian dream. It is not even the American dream. The past and the present have seen those who have had such dreams but they were of no significant improvement to mankind. Thousands of high school and college graduates are among the unemployed. I have known of those who have gone the full scope of the academic spectrum but remain jobless. Credentials fail to provide hope. There are those who have gone through every level of the correctional system without rehabilitation; many have maxed out the therapeutic centers and remain unchanged. There is no denying that there is the need for hope to the hurting. Despite the failures of what has been tried, we must continue to give people reasons to hope. A spark is an evidence of hope just as a pulse is a sign of life.It is not likely that someone will hope for what there is no knowledge of. If an individual does not know of the existence of a car that person would not hope to have one. People who hope know that something else exists that is better than their current experience or condition. Herald of Hope intends to help persons who do not know to know that there is hope so they can hope. We intend to help those who hope to have their hopes realized.

It certainly does not help to inform persons and encourage them to hope without assisting them to realize their hope. By throwing out the rope to the person who is being carried away by the current is offering hope. Divisiveness creates confusion and hopelessness. Unity creates optimism, strength and resolve to overcome obstacles. It is with this in mind that the volunteers of Herald Of Hope Community Corporation bring together our minds, our hearts and our hands to be champions of hope as we aim to do as much for as many.